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edgelit signage

Edge lit signage name  are signs which are illuminated from the side of a light-weight panel which is typically acrylic. this is often done to make thinner and more contemporary looking illuminated signs and displays. Edge lit acrylic signs are often produced by simply illuminating an acrylic panel at the side with LED lights to illuminate a graphic or highlight etched wording or logos. Edge lit acrylic in conjunction with aluminium frames enables the assembly of ultra slim light boxes.

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A super slim extrusion for edge lit signs using LEDs. We can supply as a single track or as a frame. Graphics can be routed into clear acrylic panels or using Prismex, which can be used as a light screen using static or colour changing. These signs are energy efficient and quite an ease to install. The lasering and the lettering of the acrylic sheet plays a part in producing a solid image. The LEDs and the tapes enable you to come up with the colour of shine in the sign.

If you’re looking for a special, custom made Edge Lit Signage Singapore you are in the right place and will soon be talking to an experienced Excel Signage Singapore engineer who will help you through the best options.

Excel signage Singapore have specialised in the design, development, manufacture of cutting edge lit signs and associated LED Edge Lighting Display Hardware since 2003. Our edge lit signs are completely decorated, ready to install edge lit displays which will make your company and brand logos look stunningly illuminated.

Excel Signage Singapore edge lit signs do not just have proven reliability, incredibly low power consumption and look absolutely brilliant, our keen prices and professional trade service makes them a totally desirable,


By using these signs, you can actually cut cost as they do not require alot of bulbs for illumination. 

Backlit Signage
Backlit Signage


The larger your light box is, the bulbs are not going to be near the middle and that particular part will look slightly dimmer.


The LED lights around the frame of the lightbox, is the reason why it’s called “edge-lit.” The bulbs give out light that will be sent to the diffuser which enables the shine or glow to “spread” evenly across the sign.

Backlit Signage

what are edge lit signage

The most basic definition for edge-lit markers is that they’re illuminated signage Singapore where the sunshine source comes from the surface of the sign face along one or more of the sides . the sunshine is then shined back onto the sign face. The LEDs shine into a diffuser, which allows the sunshine to be dispersed evenly across the image.

As with the back-lit lobby sign, you would like to possess graphics and a light-weight source. the foremost common graphics are letters and pictures laser dig clear acrylic Signage Singapore. The illumination comes from LED strips or tape, which contains evenly distributed and diffused LED modules. Getting the mixture of lights, mounting methods, and acrylic good takes a talented professional.

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