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Glass stickers are our most popular option. They are affordable, versatile, and fast to produce. Colors almost seem to pop when printed on our Glass stickers. Glass stickers can be used in indoor and outdoor settings and fulfill a wide range of Glass stickers needs. Best things about Glass stickers are that they are waterproof and tear proof. As such, they are ideal for multiple-use purposes. Branding

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Our vinyl self-adhesive window stickers are ideal for indoor or outdoor use with a strong and permanent adhesive which can still be removed without residue if necessary. Plus, our static cling stickers are adhesive free, making them great for temporary window promotion where they’re easily removable. From increasing brand awareness, to building curiosity, and creating a unique store identity, window stickers are very versatile and affordable when it comes to marketing for retailers. Compared to wall stickers, glass stickers are the forefront of the shop, before anyone walks in. Having a very strong first impression should always be of utmost importance for any retailers seeking for new or old customers. These days, relying on a simple signboard is no longer useful in this competitive market. If you are looking for a better way to attract passing crowds, look now further, Garrison Productions provides Glass Stickers printing & installation service, with window display options.

Brand awareness 

As a retailer, the only way to attract customers into your shop is by having a very beautiful and attractive forefront. Distinctive, striking with bold colourings large window sticker prints are able to increase awareness of people walking by, even without the intend to purchase.

Can be easily replaced 

Windows stickers are not permanent. It can be easily removed without any stains and replaced with a new promotion when we move from season too season.


Creates consistency 

 Once you have a strong advertisement on your window display, it only make sense to have striking wall stickers inside the shop that matches the theme. Attractive sticker prints are able to catch the attention of the customer and bring up the atmosphere in the area.

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